Shoppers Seek Discount Retailer To Buy Holiday Gifts

ARLINGTON, Va., (WUSA) — “Good morning! How are you all!”

Perhaps it’s the way Debra Jackson greets each person who enters this Goodwill store. Or, the chance you really could find a treasure on the hunt.

“This is a wool one, and new one,” says shopper Jorge Dejsus.

Just a couple of weeks ago, this place overflowed with deal seekers on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

“All my kids were home for the holiday. And I said, “Come on let’s hit the thrift shops! And it was great,” TJ Burnside Clapp says.

Since then, the sales at Goodwill stores are steady as people take others’ something old and turn it into something new.

Customer Diane Martinez says, “They have pretty good prices.”

“You can find things here you won’t find in other places,” says shopper Arthur Hall.

Goodwill’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications Brendan Hurley says, “Consumer behavior is changing as a result of the economy. People are looking for better value for their dollars.”

And he adds, their typical shopper is changing.

“We’ve seen a real shift in the demographic profile in the Goodwill customer. We’re seeing more affluent consumers coming into our stores, more highly educated consumers coming into our stores,” Hurely says.