All Ideas Start Out as Ugly

Have you ever had someone say to you “your idea is ugly?” How did it make you feel?

Well, all ideas start out as ugly.

Ed Catmull, CEO of Pixar writes in his book Creativity Inc., that early in the creative process every movie Pixar has ever made, sucked.  They all start out as “ugly babies” that are “awkward and unformed, vulnerable and incomplete.” And that’s OK, because the public never sees these “ugly Pixar babies.” Catmull says, it’s the company’s job to protect these original, fragile ideas from being judged too quickly. They understand that great ideas aren’t born; they are created from ugly ones.

Ideas Are Born Ugly

The problem today is too many ugly ideas are released to the world while they are still ugly. No one has invested the time, love or attention to craft them into something great. Everything is won or lost in the preparation stage.

Practice, Practice, Practice

You don’t see a Broadway show open without a ton of rehearsals. Spring training is how baseball teams get ready for a winning season. Orchestras, dancers, circus performers etc. practice their craft to become their personal best.

It’s no different in writing great advertising.  

Content Creation

Your brand has a powerful story to tell that is uniquely your own. No one else can tell your story, but it takes a specialist to make your story irresistible to the customer. Dedicated copywriters are people who are committed to your success from start to finish.

Being creative is hard work. There are no magic formulas.

But we don’t write ads just to be “creative.” We write ads your customers will find so interesting, that they will want to buy your product, use your service, or come to your event.

Do Your Homework

Let’s face it, you didn’t like homework much when you were in school, and we doubt your attitude about homework has changed, but in advertising and marketing it’s mandatory. You need to know what your customer needs, wants and thinks in order to create messages that persuade a person to make a purchase.

Shoot for the Stars – and Beyond

Don’t let anything hold you back, whether it be in your personal or your professional life, shoot for the stars and beyond. Or as the advertising and marking guru David Ogilvy put it: “You should never settle, and you should always aim high.”

Remember, Rosenberg Media doesn’t succeed until you succeed. Our tenacious team never stops working to make your bottom line tops.